Over the Treetops

`Over the Treetops’ is a photo demo painting blog.

The photograph is of the treetops and range of mountains, seen from the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve, near the quaint town of McGregor.

Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve

Photo of Vrollijkheid view of treetops and surrounding mountains


The reserve was so beautiful over the Easter weekend. Even though there are sign-posted descriptions of plants, etc along the pathways, the milieu of the reserve is still kept unscathed by its tourist attraction.

Photograph of an owl

Photo of a spotted eagle owl sitting in a tree.

On the way back from one of the bird hides we came across a most serene friendly spotted-eagle owl. It sat there quietly watching us from a tree above the pathway, only about two meters away can you believe it! Very impressive. Seemly unconcerned about us, maybe more interested in us than we in it. An unforgettable experience.

Because it was the beginning of autumn there was a variety of colours, subtle maybe for the average man to see, but to the artist, a place of pure beauty where your imagination could run wild.

The ‘Over the Treetops watercolor demo:

High over the treetops you can see the surround hills of the Riviersonderend mountains of the Cape.


Watercolor landscape

`Over the Toptops’ is a watercolour of the view from the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve.

`Over the Treetops’ was painted on A5 textured 200gsm Amegeo mixed media paper. Not the easiest paper to paint watercolours on. But I suppose one can get used to its particular idiosyncrasies if you use it often enough.

A light imprimatura wash of raw sienna was done first. I must say the wash for `Over the Treetops’ was done about 3-4 weeks ago in anticipation of doing a watercolour demo. I often do this in advance, especially if I plan to paint on location. Capturing special effects isn’t easy when working on location. You have to be well prepared because weather, light and atmospheric conditions, change quickly while working on location. Doing as much as you can beforehand, saves a lot of time when the sun seems to speed through the sky!

Of cause the painting isn’t like the photograph. I painted the scene according to my imagination. Zooming in, cutting out most of the foreground, bring out and contrasting colours, makes it feel like you are looking high over the treetops, towards the haze over the mountains. To emphasis this feeling I reserved a few tiny spots to give the scene a leafy ambience. This contrasted with the smooth description of the mountainous background.

Hope you enjoyed `Over the Treetops’ watercolour. If you want to see more photograph demo on this reserve, check out the ‘Heron Nature Trail’ blog. Also `Photo and painting demo’ of a Dutch Cape styled house in the town of McGregor.



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