Photo and painting demo

Photo and painting demo of a Cape Dutch house in McGregor.

Where is the town of McGregor?

The little town of Mcgregor nestles in the Riviersonderendberge mountains of the Cape, South African. The nearest town by road is Robertson and over the mountains is Greyton. If you are travelling from Cape Town, you get there via Worcester and Robertson.

What is the place like?

I really enjoyed our stay there over Easter Weekend. You can always find someone walking their dogs when out on a walk. A market is held every Saturday morning between 8:30 and 9:30. Folks tell you, “You have to get there early, otherwise you will miss it.” Homemade goodies and fresh produce is sold out quickly. There is no charge to have a stall there. This I think is very wise because everyone benefits.

Including the dogs:

They seem to know when it’s Saturday and not the usual `walkies’ outing! Why? What have they got to look forward to? The answer: A lady brings homemade titbits especially for the dogs every market day. You should see the dogs queuing up, licking their chops in anticipation for their turn. The dogs big and small are so cute and adorable that everyone has the urge to pat and fondle them. You would think it’s their special day to socialize, not just the folks who live there!

When you walk around touring the quaint little town, everyone is so friendly and the place is so beautiful and peaceful, that you wish you could live there too. If you don’t believe me, Google and book a cottage for your next holiday. And if you like the place there are estate agents there by the way.

It seems as though everyone in the tiny town is talented in some way or other. The streets of the town are very clean and the galleries and shops interesting venues. Most of the houses are Cape Dutch styled, neat and freshly painted, with grape vines over veranda poles and lattice or bougainvillea over doorways and pretty flowers in pots. So picturesque that you feel you’ve arrived in heaven. ….even funerals are led by a minstrel band!

Photo and painting demo:

So it isn’t very surprising I took many exciting photos of the houses and the surrounding mountains. I think most of them lean towards been painted in oils. But here is a photo of one of the houses partly hidden in the trees that could perhaps pass as a watercolour.

Cape Dutch house in the town of McGregor

Photo of Cape Dutch house in McGregor

painting of Cape Dutch house

The watercolour of the Cape Dutch house

You will notice some things were omitted or rearranged according to artists’ licence. I took out the fence to prevent its intervening barrier. And in the process reduced the intimidating horizontal planes in the foreground somewhat and added a subtle pathway and steps to give abstruse passage and access to the house.
The foreground trees gives the scene perspective dimension and the leafy texture of foliage contrasts with the neat plain walls of the house, thus drawing attention to the house as the main point of focus and interest. Even the extended leaves, of the trees in the top/right corner of the paper, points to the house and suggests its atmospheric relationship to the mountains in the surrounding background.

The watercolour was painted on A5 paper, ie from a mixed media 200gsm Amedeo A4 pad. As I like working from warm to cool colours, it didn’t take kindly to my reiterated washes: first a raw sienna imprimatura wash and then different warm intermediate coats before applying cool topcoats.

Also check out the next demo of the Heron Trail in the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve not far from the town of McGregor.


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  1. Hi Ada, what a beautiful painting. So glad you were able to follow your dream and paint. Your talent would have been lost if you had not continued!! Love Wendy and Bill.

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