Selling Art Direct to the Public

“What type of paintings sell best?”

Have you ever wondered about the paintings hanging in galleries? You can see the gallery is open but is it doing business? How are the paintings selling? Which paintings sell quickest?art








What should I be painting?

What hangs in galleries doesn’t necessary mean it’s selling. You are not there every day to see what’s selling or not, or what people prefer.

To find out what really sells, go to the grassroots. Sell direct to the public yourself. You don’t have to own a gallery though. Let people watch you paint on location, doing fieldwork at popular public places, along the tourist trade routes, etc. If they like what you are doing, they will want to buy it! Be your own ambassador. Have a neat portfolio and business cards on hand for any future commissions or inquiries.

Working directly with the public gives you a `hands on’ approach. Ultimately the public counts. Remember the public’s taste constantly changes. Subject matter and colour taste fluctuate according to fashion, events, politics, economics, and seasonal trends.

Hearing the truth:

I have a warped sense of humour. I like to walk unnoticed behind people as they peruse my art work to observe their reactions.

If they say your work is fantastic, ask them what they like most about it. If there are derogatory remarks, ask them what they don’t like about it. Not knowing who you are, they will give you their honest opinion. Sometimes they point out something you haven’t noticed before. Look at it as an enriching moment. You are seeing things through their eyes.  If more than one set of people makes the same comment, you have something to consider or cheer about.

Making adjustments:

Once you know what the public likes about your work, combine those positives and promote that type of style. This opens up a new niche in the market place and the public spreads the word for you. The more you sell direct to the public, the more the galleries get framing orders for your work, the more likely the galleries will start noticing how popular you are.

Be willing to do demos:

Don’t be shy and hide yourself in your studio. Be willing to get out there and show what you made of. Actions speak louder than words.

Do demos at art shops and galleries. Paint murals and accept seminar assignments. Enjoy the fun of sharing your talent with others. I found, the more you help others and share, the more everyone benefits, including yourself. Proverbs 11:24-25.

Don’t worry about people watching. People are fascinated by creative activities and your courage to do it in public. You never know who is watching you. It could be a prospective buyer. If you are concerned about professional artists watching, don’t worry, keep an open mind, most people can’t paint or they want to learn a new technique.

Don’t worry about someone pinching your style or technique either. Art is like a fingerprint. Everyone’s dexterity differs according to personality, skill and materials available to them. The combination of perception and concept of the procedure differs from person to person. Choice of subject matter and composition format varies according to knowledge, temperament, personal view and the pressure or conditions people work under.

Create a network:

They say it’s easier to get a job if you have the right connections. It’s also true with art.

  • Be outgoing, sociable, and build good relationships with everyone you meet. When people ask what you are doing presently, be brief but enthusiastic about it. If they want your website details, be fully equipped with business cards for such eventualities. You never know who is likely to buy your art or who their connections are.
  • Be willing to take on challenges: But listen carefully to requests and be sensible as to your capabilities. Make sure your art is good before showing it to the public. If you take commissions you must be able to fulfil requirements people request.
  • No matter where you live, with the technology we have today, you can sell on the internet media websites, and publicize `by word of mouth’ on Facebook, Twitter, etc

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