Bainskloof Pass

Bainskloof Pass: place and photograph:

During our stay in Cape Town our daughter took us to Bainskloof Pass gorge. We first obtained a nature reserve pass from the lodge and then climbed down into the gorge. There is no real defined path to follow, just the directions the guy who owns the lodge gave us. The hillside is steep, scrambling down in between rocks and boulders. You need flexible rubber shoes for balancing on rocks.

At first there isn’t much water to see in the gorge, just rocks and boulders. But a little further down the river you come across this lovely rock pool you see in the photograph. It is so peaceful down there in the gorge and yet so profound and dynamic with the depth of the gorge and the size of the boulders.

Oil painting of Bainskloof Pass gorge pool

Bainskloof Pass gorge pool

We didn’t go far because we didn’t have much food with us. But according to the lodge owner there are more beautiful and bigger pools further down the river. Bainskloof Pass is a place worth visiting more than once it seems. Check with Google for places where you can go camping, hiking and book cottages for your holidays.

The winding drive up to the top of Bainskloof Pass alone is breathtaking, the panoramic views are spectacular and there are rest viewpoints to look out over the expanse of the Bainskloof valleys below.

Oil painting of Bainskloof Pass gorge

Oil painting of Bainskloof Pass gorge pool

Oil painting of Bainskloof Pass gorge pool:

  • First, a light imprimatura wash of raw sienna on 21×15.5cm canvas.
  • When that was dry, basic shapes of the mountains and boulders, etc were blocked in with undercoats.
  • And when that was dry, the real part of painting begins.
  • The pigments I used were: French ultramarine blue and burnt umber for the boulders.
  • Sap green and blue for the grass, foliage and water. A hint of raw sienna where necessary to bring a little warmth to the otherwise cool painting.

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