Born with talent?


People are always saying that so-and-so was born with talent. Just because someone is a good artist now, doesn’t mean they were actually born with talent?

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You have to walk along the path of adventure to succeed.

Who WAS born with talent?

Even the old masters started out as novices. They were once babies like you and I, they just fall in love with drawing and painting. The more they practiced their skills the more they improved their talent.

What attracts little children to art?

You will notice, most children are attracted to colour-in colouring books while young. Maybe because of the brilliance and fascination of colour, and then the desire to express yourself. One thing leads to another, and then you are hooked for life!

Are you born with talent?

Yes we all have the germ of talent in us, it just takes an interest in what you like doing. The more you put time and effort into what you like doing, the more your skills improve.

Can you become a good artist?

Often you hear people say, ‘Could they make it as an artist?’ Yes, if you are enthusiastic about your ambition and willing to make time to learn.  Perfecting your skill comes with persistent practice. It’s not the fact that someone is more talented than you. It’s because you love what you do. Success comes with believing in yourself, and living in the moment of creating.

Once `bitten with the art bug’, you see the world differently than the average person. The world around you looks more beautiful, the colours seem more alive. You want to paint that beauty. The urge to paint, to experiment is always there.  I sometimes wonder why I kept at it.  I guess it’s deeply etched upon my soul now. I love sharing what I have discovered and the joy art gives me.

What makes an artist?

The average man in the street doesn’t see the beauty around them. I remember once travelling with some people. They were so busy arguing among themselves that they didn’t see the beautiful haze over the surrounding mountains. When I pointed it out to them they looked at me as if I had gone mad. They didn’t have the right emotional reaction to their surroundings. They were harping on negative emotions. They didn’t see the ‘big picture’!

Artists are born with beautiful souls. Artists arouse their inner souls to perceive beauty, even in the dreariest of situations and environments. They seek beauty, open their hearts to beauty, create a vision from that concept  and pursue every chance they have to paint that vision of beauty.

What really compels us as artists?

I think it’s the emotional impact, the interplay of warm and cool colours, and the contrast of tone and colour. For example, when you observe how the sunlight filters through the trees at sunset and the halos it creates around grass seeds, it swells your heart to overflowing.

born with talent?

What drives you to be creative?

What grips and compels you personally? What colour combinations do you prefer? If you want to find out for yourself, take an illustrated art book or perhaps a calendar, anything with colourful pictures. Turn it upside down, so you are not distracted by the actual shapes of objects in the images, and select the colour combinations you like most. Whatever colour combination turns you on, that is your colour style, the colours you are most likely to use in your paintings.

Even if you are not an artist that paints, but do flower arranging, interior or dress designing, you will be attracted to certain colours and use them in your creations. When you go shopping what colours draws your attention to things in the shop windows? Is it only the cut and style? What else?

What about your talent?

When did you start painting? How did you start out as an artist? What or who inspired you to start painting? What are you going to do about your  talent?  Please leave a comment, it will encourage and inspire others to do something about their own artistic talent.