How to paint beautiful sunsets

How to paint beautiful sunsets:

Photo of a beautiful African sunset

Photo of a beautiful South African sunset

This particular sunset was over a Kendal farm, on the East Rand, Transvaal, South Africa.

Taking photos of sunsets:

I haven’t a HD camera, so I either focus my camera on the sky or land. In this case I concentrated on the sky – that is why the land part looks so dark! But been dark it allowed me to use my imagination, change things somewhat. Do you see the effect the pull of the sun rays has on the foreground grass and how I beefed up the foreground with contrasting colours? Been a watercolour naturally you don’t get the same quality as an photograph.

Watercolour of beautiful sunset

Colourful watercolour of the beautiful sunset

Here are a few suggestions on how to paint beautiful sunset paintings:

  • Basically contrast of tone and colour.
  • Inter-relationship of cool and warm colours.
  • How to get the glow effect: Allow contrast of complementary grays and fresh clean colours to ride side-by-side, eg: white bright sun area, fresh ‘silver-lining’ and neutral colours of the cloud’s body, in that order.
  • Focus point: Contrast of sharp-edges and contour lines, competing with smooth gradated edges or shapes.
  • Quiet restful smooth areas of gradated colour and tone.
  • Departmental placement of tonal areas:  That is basically one area light, one area medium tones, and one area dark. This reduces confusion and improves perception.
  • Placement of detailed description: Usually set within one of the departmental tonal areas. This dramatizes the scene, sets the theme, introduces the location, tells a story, etc.
  • Simplicity: If there are tiny cloud formations, where possible group them with similar characteristics.
  • Selective pigments: For example if you interlace the blue of the sky and yellow of the sun rays or ‘silver-lining’, you will get green where you don’t want it. Rather use an earth pigment such as raw sienna instead of fresh-chrome yellows.
  • Relax, paint freely. Allow your painting to develop naturally. Don’t take yourself seriously -otherwise your sunset will look contrived.
  • Not every scene is the same: Use some or all of the above aspects.

If you want to see another sunset photo demo, check out Sunset in the bush.

Please let me know in your estimation what you think makes a beautiful sunset painting. Have you any additional tips to share with other artists about painting sunsets?