Painting of Beachwood Mangrove

Photograpgh of Beachwood mangrove

Photo of Beachwood Mangrove and its plank walkways.

Beachwood Mangrove Nature Reserve is situated at the mouth of Umgeni River where it meets the sea and behind the sand dunes of the beach. You will find it across the bridge, from Blue Lagoon’s pier and parking area. Blue Lagoon is situated at the end of Durban’s long paved beachfront promenade.

The mangrove area was allotted as a wildlife sanctuary, where you can park your cars and have a group picnic there or explore the fascinating terrain of swamp along the wooden plank walkways provided.

If you are a bird watcher, you will find the area has lots of bird life and also up along the river. Park benches are provided along the Riverside Road embankment for those who would like to rest and enjoy the expanse of the river and its wildlife.

And if you want to see a huge variety of caged birds, there is also a bird sanctuary park along Riverside Road. There are some very beautiful birds and you can attend a discourse where personal introduce you to fascinating birds of prey in a small open arena.

Watercolour of Beachwood Mangrove

Watercolour painting of Beachwood Mangrove swamp.

Watercolour painting demo:

Naturally been a watercolour painting I haven’t put in every tree, leaf or twig. The point in painting is to capture the mood or essence of the scene. And since the photo was cool in ambience, I added some warmth, ie a little more yellow to the composition.

To give the trees a 3D effect, I used liquid masking for the trunks and branches. After the painting dried, I removed the masking and used different shades of raw sienna, burnt umber and French ultramarine blue to make the bark of the trees interesting and knobbly.

Painting plank walkways can make your painting look stiff and contrived, so I implied the walkways had loose uneven boards. And adding shadows helped to soften the neatness of the plank structure.

Thanks for patiently waiting for another photo demo of mine while I was away visiting family in Durban. If you are new to my site, please feel free to check out other photo demo blogs, starting with Introduction to Photo Demo page. Then move on to the Photo Demo category listings. Each has interesting facts about the place and tips on how to paint those types of scenes.

As always, keep painting!

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