Master artists intuitively create by LIGHT!

How does artistic intuition work?

Spiritual light

Small A5 watercolour: This abstract painting was created by observing light shining through a window!

First of all lets discuss:

Perceiving spiritual light is different from seeing physical objects.

That’s quite a statement! Would you consider painting as a spiritual activity?

Not many people realize there is a spiritual side to art.  Most people only see physical things. All they’re worried about is where and how to place the things in their compositions.

Therefore they miss seeing the effects of light and don’t light incorporate them in their paintings.

Master artists will tell you: “Art isn’t about things. It is about light!”

Most people don’t see how the sun light filters through the atmosphere or how it creates halos and rim-lights around things. How dust particles are caught in suspension in sunbeams, or the beautiful gradation of colour that the energy of light generates.

If only they realized all those wonderful spectacular effects could make their paintings spectacular.

Such a pity!

Let me tell you of my experience I had today, as an example, in seeing beauty in the energy of light.

Creating from a WOW-moment:

I’m visiting family on the Springbok Flats again for a few days. And as usual I took photographs of the bush. I do that every time I’m here. Why, because the seasons and weather condition differ.

Well this morning I went out early taking photos so I would have something useful for my Steemit blog. But when I returned to the house the sun was coming in through the window and creating such beautiful blurry effects seen through the calcified window panes.

Light shining through window.

Photo of frosted window. Note the bicycle seat!…This family loves cycling!

The beauty of the WOW-moment just `blew me away’. And set me off thinking how I could use it. And each idea raced on into another. And that is how I got the idea, of writing to you about this very subject of spirituality verses physical things.

Let me explain, the water in this area is hard water, and the garden sprayers were spraying the plants close to the house. And over time hard water builds up a white calcification film, which is difficult to completely remove, no matter how often you try.

Outside this particular set of windows are a palm tree and a lilac flowered bush over an archway. Through the blur of the window you can see the palm leaves very clearly and the lilac flowers not so much. But much more than my camera has depicted. Check out the photo illustration to see what I mean.

I could see the windowpane (with the plants on the windowsill) would make a lovely oil painting because of the techniques involved. But what I wanted right then, was a watercolour painting. (My oil paints were left back home).

So this is how I painted it:

  1. I decided to remove the squares of the window panes because of their stiff grid neatness.
  2. I didn’t pre-wet the paper because I wanted contrasting edges at the top of the composition.
  3. Then started making it dramatic, at the top, by boldly contrasting tones and colour to make the palm leaves to standout perspectively away from their background, making them the main point of interest.
  4. The bottom half I made hazy, to support the concept of the frosting effect. This also makes the area a restful area.
  5. This procedure naturally turned the whole composition into an abstract painting.

Don’t you see?  All it takes is recognizing light effects and the willingness to see….

The difference between things and perceiving spiritual light.

In the case of: The stark reality of THINGS:

If you paint just things, throughout, neatly, without atmospheric depth, it makes your painting seem lifeless. When things are drawn in with sharp contour edges, the objects look like they are standing still and motionless.

On the other hand: The blurry emotional factor

  • If some of the edges are blurred, it suggests movement and action. And the article melts into its nearest surroundings and settles comfortably within its environment.
  • And blurred areas create atmospheric dimension between and around objects. Blurred areas within your painting stimulate emotion within people. And that brings me to the point:
People buy paintings according to their moods, senses and emotion. They see the objects, but the moody atmospheric conditions arouse their emotions and senses.

Did you notice how I used both in my painting?

How contrasting sharp-edged objects, with blurred atmospheric areas, it makes your painting come alive with highlights, and emphasizing the main point of interest.

Now let’s look back and consider how artists compose paintings using their intuition.

Intuition is born of spiritual LIGHT:

You often hear people remark about master artists’ divine intuition.

Those artists they are talking about drew upon their inner sensitivity when they looked at things.

They taught themselves to become aware of their surroundings and the beautiful vistas of light. What they saw was the power of light creating dynamic contrasts. Bright highlights, back-lighting creating halo effects and rim-lights, sparkles on rippling water, and the 3D dimension of space. Also dynamic energy, seen in sun-rays, radiating through suspended dust particles, creating the most beautiful atmospheric effects you can imagine. Things most people take for granted.

The supernatural-moment whispers to their inner spirit, that this is what they want to paint because the vision stirred their imagination. The composition’s concept of their painting was built upon their deep perceptions and their technique knowledge of art.  And that’s how a masterpiece is born!

And here comes the punchline:

Ever looking for new landscapes to paint, but all we need is new eyes to see what is right there before us!

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