Irene Village Market -location paintings

IRENE VILLAGE MARKET is a must to see:

My friend Elleanor Lambarti  took me to see the Irene Village Market last year. Sadly it wasn’t on their market day, which they usually have on the first and last Saturday of each month. But all the same I enjoyed my visit.

Irene trees

A5 watercolour: Ever so tall and majestic white bleached trees that line the Jan Smuts Lane in Irene.

On the way there, along Jan Smuts Lane, there are some very tall impressive trees on each side of the road. Been winter time they were majestic, leafless and bleached white-white in the sunlight. I just had to get out of the car to take a photo of them.

Open field in Irene

A5 watercolour: Open field near the Hennops River

Then driving back home, a little way further on from where these white trees are, just before the Hennops river, there was this wide open field with houses in the far distance. And in the foreground you could see someone had chopped down some trees. I’ve include a watercolour painting of that too for you to see.

Hennops river in Irene

Photo: Hennops River and bridge near the open field.

Eleanor loves going to the Irene market and this is what she says about the place:

“It has been going for about twenty-six years (since 1989). It’s an artist’s paradise. The goods sold are carefully monitored, all homemade of the highest quality, including antique and collectables from yester-year. Farmers and locals come to sell their produce, that of cause includes biltong!

There is a food area where food is prepared by stall holders. You sit on hay bales drinking juice of your choice and eating month-watering homemade baked cakes, while you enjoy the live band. It is truly food for the soul!

The market and tea room has been a draw card for the Jan Smuts Museum, which is housed in the original Jan smuts house and on the property there are different types of old army tanks to peruse. There is also a camp site”

The Jan Smuts Museum:

I went through the Jan Smuts museum and was very impressed. So much to see, it was just as it was in the day Jan Smuts and his family lived, with old-fashioned furniture, kitchen utensils, china cups and plates in cupboards, etc, etc.

Irene market tearoom

Photo: One of the tables out side the tea room

  • If you would like to go there and want to do more research on the place, check out
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Directions to get to the Irene market:

The Irene Village Market is found along Jan Smuts Lane, Centurion, Gauteng. That is, Jan Smuts Lane is just off the M31, alongside the M18.  To get onto the M18 take the NI, and to get onto the M31 take the R21.  I’ve included a Google map for you, so you’ll be able to find where it is:

Map: How to get to Irene market.

Google map: How to get to Irene Village Market and Jan Smuts museum.

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