Seagull over Shaka’s Rock beach

Photo of Shaka Rock beach

Photograph of Shaka Rock beach


Shaka’s Rock is 40 km along the north coast of Durban. History has it that the legendary Zulu king Shaka throw his enemies off the rock and also tested the mettle of his impi warriors by forcing them to jump off the rock. Today the rock to the left of the photograph is a fishing spot and the small town a wonderful holiday resort.

Photo of arched rock hole.

Photograph pf arched hole in the rock near the tidal pool.

There is also a big tidal pool to the right of the beach photograph, and beyond that an arched hole (shown her) in the rock that you can only pass through at low tide, thus making the place and a beautiful fascinating place to spend your summer holidays.

Watercolour of Shaka Rock beach.

Watercolour painting of Shaka’s Rock beach.

Watercolour painting:

Generally I would use a sponge to create fine spray. But in this seascape I used liquid masking. As you can see it makes the droplets of water look heavy and the water hitting the rock look forceful.

Tips: If you want water to look clear and transparent use fresh clean washes of colour and gradated colour.

In this seascape different hues of blue and green were applied, alternating to create a ‘ladder leader-in’ perspective. And, if only one shade of colour was used in the water, the painting would be boring.

Seagulls are always on the lookout for something to eat and picnickers and fishermen tend to leave food or bait lying around. The day we were there, there weren’t many bathers or fishermen, so this seagull flying overhead I imagine resorted to searching the surf as well.

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