How Do You Handle Criticism?

How Do You Handle Criticism?

First endeavours blown!!

You have just finished painting a picture and you are feeling good about it, and then along someone and you hoped they would give you a positive valuation. But instead, can you believe it, they criticize it!   ……I bet you feel like screaming!!

Handling criticism as artists

A5 watercolour: The glow of the sunrise touches every living thing. “Let sunshine shine in your hearts today”

Criticism can be so hurtful. Like a balloon that has just popped, you feel empty. All the faith you had in your ability to paint …has just evaporated.

Wow! You wondered why you even asked for their opinion. Why did they pull it apart and dissect it like that? They spoilt it all for you!  ….It isn’t long before you’re getting angrier and angrier at their unkind remarks. Don’t they know your whole heart was in that painting? And now you don’t feel like changing anything about it ….just to spite them.

How do you handle criticism?

You ask yourself, “Did their criticism help?” “Did their advice really apply in this case?”

  • Maybe you think to yourself: “Perhaps they are right, I’m a lousy artist,” and then decide to give up and never paint again?
  • Or you try to explain to them what you were really trying to do? That the horse you painted wasn’t a mouse or cat as they said! And have them look more closely at, with what looks like a puzzled look of pity on their blank faces?
  • Or give them a mouthful and tell them to `hop it and get lost’? Only to have them retort, “Don’t get all worked up, we were only trying to be helpful!”
  • Then you remember they’ve never painted anything themselves, so what do they know? And then decide to `take it with a pinch of salt’ and dismiss their silly remarks.
  • Or perhaps turn the painting to the wall and start another painting, something altogether different, in the hopes it will turn out better than the last effort, hey?

No matter what people may think of you and your paintings, remember:

  • Some people can’t look at anything without finding fault. It’s in their nature. Some people excuse this behaviour as, `I’m a perfectionist’!
  • Yes some people do expect everything in paintings must be perfect, full of precise detail and look authentically like the visual-aid photograph you were painting from. They don’t want paintings, they want enlarged photos!
  • Some people are critical because they are jealous or just plain spiteful. It gives them a thrill to act superior and put other people down.
  • Some people don’t approve of your art because they think art is just a hobby and you are wasting your (their) time!
  • Not all people are professional artists. But keep it in mind each has a personal art preference. Some people like abstracts, bright colours and stark shapes. And others like paintings to look authentic, with mellow moody scenes. And some are just looking for something that vibes madly with their décor.
  • And then again, some people are trained art critics. Think again about what they have to say. Maybe their advice could improve your talent.

Conclusive judgement on criticism:

Judge the situation before jumping to conclusions.

  • Everyone has their own opinion of what art should be. Not everyone will agree with you or see your point of view.
  • And the way your painting turned out, isn’t what you initially had in mind anyway. So what?! Let them think what they like you enjoy messing around with what you do.
  • Even if your art isn’t wonderful at this point of time, remember talent is a growing thing. The more you practice your craft the more it improves, and your personal expression and techniques evolve with time.

 You count:

No matter what your style of art is, it feels good to experiment and use your imagination.

Like any author, film producer or even a fashion designer, we wouldn’t have new technology if it wasn’t for people who used their imagination and ventured beyond present know-how.

Artists see something that stirs their imagination and from that moment of initial visionary impact, a concept is born and their talent and abilities take over. The end result is what the general public enjoys today.

So don’t give up, you are on a journey to success. Act the part, feel the part, live the part. As the saying goes, `Fake it, till you make it’.  Believing in yourself helps to make the transition come about.

Are you being who you want to be, or are you doing what other people assume, or you’re conned into believing who you are?!

Handling criticism as artists

A5 watercolour: When you travel through life see the beauty of nature all around you.

Would love your input on this subject of criticism:

What do you think and react when people criticize your work? Feel free to leave your comment in the comment-box provided below.

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