Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence:

People first see the symbolic form and then assess the details within the form (academic reasoning -right brain function)

Artists’ intuitive talent is based on the emotions of the inner soul. Even though they see the dynamic of symbolic shapes, they feel the dramatic impact of what they are seeing (left brain function)

Illusion verses reality:

Artists admire what God created, but they can’t reproduce what God made. So they create another dimension or illusion of reality. Adding soul, they give their painting what they feel will give impact on the souls who will see it.

Watercolour landscape of trees in the autumn.

Emotional impact of what the artist sees.

Artists look beyond reality.

Artists assess and feel the emotion of things. Comprehend the drama of contrast and the depth and blend of colour. Feel the power within the shapes, whether it’s negative or positive. Space isn’t just air. To artists it’s full of energy. Grass isn’t just green. It has different shades of green. They feel the texture of the grass even though they may not be sitting on it. Artists are aware of action and motion: how things flow and relate, contrast and mingle, etc.

Emotional impact of the moment:

Here lies a profound secret:   Once an artist has learnt to exploit his emotions and take command of his senses, he learns how to create great works of art.

For artists to live in and feel the suspension of time, the emotion and power of what’s actually actively happening on their paper or canvas. Watching how colours blend and contrast, using their brush like a wand. All is forgotten as they live within the moment of creation. Passionately involved in what they see and feel. Their soul lives within the scene they are painting, as their painting evolves. The power of imagination and creating is a heady feeling. Emotions run high one moment and dip the next, roller coasting as things unfold. You are painting another dimension, telling a story for others to enjoy. Art is therefore born of passion.

How do the general public react to art?

People buy paintings according to their feelings, emotion and senses! You could say artists create emotional images for others to use their imagination.

Is your art sensational?

  • What emotion do you feel when painting?
  • How emotional are you about what you paint?
  • How emotional are you about what you see?
  • Can you turn everyday things into emotional stuff?
  • What stirs peoples’ senses?
  • What impact will your art have on humanity?
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