Talent & Style

ADA FAGAN’S talent is extensive and inspiring.

Even through she works from home, she enjoys going out into the countryside, tramping through bush and wading through rivers, observing Nature in all it’s glory.

If you have ever been with her on one of her field trips, you will see her balancing on rocks in her effort to take the best photograph compositions of river scenes and seascapes, which she gathers to build up her visual portfolios back home.

Watercolour landscape.

Watercolour landscape.

Ada’s artistic style differs according to commissions and the mood of the subject and the demands of any given commission, whether they are abstract, impressionistic or misty atmospheric impressions.

Ada’s talent:

Ada doesn’t like painting tight little posies of flowers. She likes to paint flowers in their rural natural settings, out in the fields, waving in the breeze. She says the sounds of Nature has a profound effect on the way you wield your brush while painting out on location. Seeing the wind blow over the grasslands and through the trees, birds chirping and bees buzzing in and out the flowers, puts life and energy in your paintings.

  • She is fascinated by atmospheric conditions. The filtering of light and the glow of auras and rim-lights caused by back lighting.
  • There’s an emotional contrast and interplay of warm and cool colours, that makes her paintings so spectacular.
  • Many people have said her water scenes are her best forte, whether they are oil paintings, watercolours or pastels.

You will see: Everyone of her pages and  blogs has at least one of her paintings..

One of her commissions was the portrait of Archbishop Desmond Tutu that was commissioned by the Anglican Church, and now hangs in Bishops Court, Cape Town.

Ada is willing to share her talent and her knowledge:

Ada Fagan has written many art books, covering every artistic topic you can think of.

The topic and theme of the books, maybe controversial in some cases, but the aim has been to give additional info, generally over looked in other art books.

Some of the books she has written cover such subjects as teaching professional art, atmospheric watercolours, colour scheme dynamics, composition design, power of imagination, psyche of the artist, dexterity styles, freedom of expression, emotional impact and location fieldwork, study of light, sales & fame. Ada is now using the info from these books in her blog posts, so you can benefit too from her knowledge.

Click her Free Art eBooks page: for free watercolour art book downloads.

Her blogs contain many artists secrets and tips.

They cover how to sell your art effectively, and also techniques and new theories Ada has discovered in her intensive research over the years. She happily shares her experiences with others. So take a trip through her website, you’ll find her blogs motivating and very informative.

PS: Art galleries, framers & art suppliers are invited to advertise on this website too, but permission must be first granted by contacting Ada Fagan. This includes nature reserves and country lodges where location fieldwork is promoted.

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