Want Creative Power?


Want power? We all want to achieve something in our lives. Be someone special. Have an exciting career.  Be #famous perhaps. Have power to do things you always wanted to do…

It is possible you know. You don’t have to dream about it any longer.

Because The Power You Want Lies Within You!

Power brings freedom

A5 watercolour: When you start using your inner power, you start to feel free to do anything your like.

Why waste all your life on hopes and dreams, when you can wake up that power and benefit from it.

  • First, we need to realize we have it and can do anything if we put our mind to it.
  • Secondly, we must do something to get things moving.
  • Thirdly, don’t give up on yourself. Doing what you like doing, and doing it often enough perfects your chances of succeeding at it.
  • Using your inner power gives you a feeling of freedom, to do anything your want.

I can hear you say, “But we don’t have the money or the education to do it.”

Is that all that is holding you back!

There are ways to get around that. I should know. In spite of that I educated myself by taking notes down from library books. Then: made money by selling my art bit by bit and then ploughing that money back into my projects.

  • If you don’t believe in yourself or your talents, you won’t achieve anything.
  • Determination wakes up your inner Power.
  • Sissies don’t achieve anything!

I can also hear you say, “But I’m not good at anything.”

Yes you are. Just think again.  Maybe you are good at organizing your day, able to sew or cook, etc. They maybe small things to you, but they are still skills that can be exploited and used as a business.

In my case, I organized my time so I could find time to paint. I sewed artistic looking clothes and did bead-work, so I looked my trade. People expect artists to look arty! As to cooking, well I’m not good at that, but we all have to eat don’t we, or we won’t get things done anyway!

I can hear you say, “But I’m hopeless. I fail at everything I do.”

So what!

  • Mistakes are learning curves. They teach you not to make those mistakes again and how to do it better next time. The more you persist at something, the more you perfect that skill. During the time your spent trying out new things, you learn new techniques.
  • No one is perfect! But keep trying to improve, gets you somewhere. Willing to strive for what you want or believe in, builds strong character. Strong characters are the ones who get places in this life.

Nothing gets created, unless you create something.

People always talk about artists having been born with the gift.

The gift they were born with really was this inner power, only they were willing to do something with it.

  • The season their talent was/is so good, is that they worked on what they liked doing, often enough to improve their skills. And added to that, they are prepared to challenge their emotions when opposition and mistakes confronted them.
  • God gives talents, Matthew 25:15: What you do with those talents is your business. Some of us He gives one talent and some two talents. It’s up to you to search your inner soul, and seek and grow those talents and turn them into five talents, then into 10 talents.
  • Just a reminder: When we don’t share, our `talents’ don’t multiply! If we hide our paintings, people will never see or have the chance to buy them! Teaching other people skills helps them to grow too.

On this website there are many more tips on how to grow your artistic talent. Follow the links to other pages, to pick up on the advice and creative power you are seeking:

Artistic Expertise

Artistic expertise of the artist ADA FAGAN

  • Ada produces fine visual art. Generally oils and watercolours. Sometimes pastels.
  • She paints mostly landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. But her cosmos flowers and river scenes are very popular too.
  • Not only she is one of the best artists today in her field of art, but she also gives good advice and tips on art. You’ll find all you need to know on this website on how to paint the most exciting dynamic paintings!
Artistic expertise

Watercolour done by Ada Fagan.

Ada’s artistic expertise is an inspiration to many artists.

If you have already read the full story “About the Artist“, you would have discovered how she overcame the chauvinistic attitude of her high school vice-principal. To him, in those days, woman didn’t have a chance to have artistic careers.  It was expected that women did only office routine jobs until they married. And thereafter just housewives; standing behind the sink and looking after their families!!

Ada was the last of four children. Her parents were pensioners by the time she was in high school. So they couldn’t afford to put her through art college. So she realized it was up to her to make it on her own.

Having started out with this disadvantage didn’t stop her from doing her own research and experimenting with what she learnt.  Even though she has had five children she continued to make inroads into the art world.

Her artistic expertise was gained by persistent effort. Once credited as an artist, she took on commissions, did demos at galleries and taught art on request.

Having kept notes and learnt from her ,many experiences, she discovered new theories and compiled them into art books, covering every art topic you can imagine.

Its her opinion, if she could overcome the opposition she has experienced, so can other artists. “One must never give up on one’s dream and talent. Talent is something YOU achieve through hard persistent work, forever re-assessing your skills and finding new ways to improve your skills.”

Also check the page on Ada’s “Talent & Style” .

Ada’s aim is to help other artists:

Ada gives out many secrets and tips.

  • There is always a tip or two you can gleam from the demos she does. How she did things while out painting. How she painted from photos she had taken of places she has traveled to, or photos others have given her to paint. See page and categories “Photo Demos” and “Location Paintings”.
  • Her blogs are very informative with illustrations.
  • Ada describes and puts things differently with each blog, because people’s personalities and skills differ. How we absorb facts and observe things are so different too.
  • As to her art books, Ada approaches theories and techniques from different perspectives, so all can understand and achieve those skills too.
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