Art Classes Seminar

Art Classes Seminar

art classes seminar

Inspired A5 watercolour of a sunset.

This page is an introduction to a series of blogs on art classes. That is:

  • What is important, if you want your art classes to be successful.
  • How to get the best out of your art classes.
  • What new art students expect of their art lessons.
  • What art teachers expect of their art students.
  • How art teachers can get regular attendance.
  • Different types of art classes and what to expect from them.
  • Help aspiring artists to understand what it means to be an artist.

How do I know what people require from their art classes?

I have taught art on and off through the years. My students have come from diverse careers, proficient in their own fields of profession, some practicing artists and mostly hopeful beginners.

  • Their ages and personalities differed, as is, their choice of subject matter and medium they wanted to specialize in.
  • The venues I’ve taught in differed as well. Sometimes in church halls, sometimes in cramped studio facilities, in private homes and outdoors doing location fieldwork. Each of these environment situations required different approaches to techniques and presentation.
  • Besides that, people talked about what their previous art teacher said or did, and what they thought of those lessons.

Also found out what people really required and expected from their lessons:

I believe in been prepared before giving any type of art lessons. At our first introductory meetings I asked people to complete a questionnaire to find out their expectations really were and of cause also used it for research to improve the quality of my art lessons.

  • First I find out what the prospective student has already done artistically, by analyzing their previous work and checking at what stage their skills are presently at.
  • Watch behaviour and reactions at our first meeting to assess their personalities.
  • Find out if people like to have personal one-on-one lessons, because some people shy away from group activity.
  • I set an analytic test, that is viewing different types of styles, to find out what style they preferred their lessons to be based on.
  • Also ask new students to do an impromptu three-minute tree sketch. This exercise shows how they saw and analysed basic forms. This is their first lesson on simplicity and personal expression!

Comments are welcome:

I would love to hear from you. What have you to say about your art classes?

  • Were they inspiring?
  • Did your skills improve?
  • What was so special about your art classes?

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