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Because our category listing has been getting so long, it has been decided that we collect the ‘lost’ category blogs and turn them into free eBooks. So the selected blogs can be easily found, downloaded and read in book form. There are presently three free eBooks:


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Free eBooks. Blurring of negative space.

A5 Watercolour: Flood of light through the mist. One of the paintings in the eBook “Watercolour Secrets”

The reason to do this, was due to the fact that so many of the other free art books were download. Signaling the fact that Ada’s art books have been popular, and the need to give the public more of what they want.

This one came under the category: WATERCOLOUR SECRETS:

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Here is another eBook from the category: PHOTO DEMOS:

It’s a collection of blogs on how to paint from Photos.

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And other collection of blogs from the category: FAME AND FORTUNE:

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Fame and Fortune

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Art & Fame


This is an introduction page to the many secrets you will find on Ada Fagan’s website and in her blogs, on how to paint beautiful exciting paintings and become a famous renowned artist.

Art and fame: Free expresssion

Wild cosmos flowers

Fame in a crowd:

Your talent is just an expensive hobby if you don’t sell your work. Fame of some sort is necessary to be able to sell your work.      And fame seldom comes overnight because there are a great many artists out there and you are seen only within the crowd of artists. Therefore to be seen, your art has to stand out, be dramatic, unique and have great emotional impact.

On your own, it takes quite a bit of research, on which paintings sell and which don’t! But if you want to know quicker on how to compose exciting paintings and how to sell your talent effectively, in spite of the enormous diversity of artistic talent out there, just follow my website and blogs, there are so many secrets; tips and advice that can help you realize your ambitions.

Building an artistic reputation:

To start with, understand if you haven’t an affluent patron to promote you effectively or the right social connections, it takes a period time to build up a reputation. And very few artists sustain fame once they obtain some degree of acceptance.

Why, because it requires constant diligence to your ambitions. Been prepared and ready to take up challenges and hard work, even when inspiration’s mood eludes you. So you see success as an artist doesn’t come with faint hearts. It’s been in love with what you are doing that counts. Carrying an artistic vision beyond speculation, out into reality!

Gaining leadership in a crowd:

Have you ever noticed how successful people `sit in the front row’? Why do they do that? To start with they want to hear, see and know what is happening. They know more because they listen carefully and respond verbally when necessary. Therefore they are noticed because they participate.

People won’t know you or your talent if you sit back and `hide in the back row’. To be famous you have to be out there doing your thing publicly, so people can assess your talent for all it’s worth.

People only believe what you can do, if they can see what you do. So make sure your art you put out there, is of good quality, because in itself it’s your `advert’. You don’t want to damage your reputation. People stick by their first impressions!

Persistence in the face of opposition:

You need be resilient and have a thick skin when your work is criticized. Many a time you’ll feel like you could just give up …..but don’t.

First assess the situation and what those people really know about art. On the other hand they are the general public who know what appeals to them. Even that has to be considered, knowing everyone has different tastes.

So what, if you want to succeed, you have to press forward, believing in yourself and your talent until you make it. Any honest renowned artist will tell you not every painting is a success. Everyone makes mistakes and has bad days when nothing seems to go right. You can’t allow opposition and mistakes to set you back.

You need to be your own realistic critic. Each piece of art is different, so re-assessment each situation. Maybe you need to do further research to re-invent yourself and move on, before you can put your paintings up for sale again.

Business of art and fame:

Art isn’t all fun and games if you want to become famous. You may have outstanding talent, but you have to run it like a business, be economical, yet farsighted. Painting materials are costly. You have to watch costs, keep to schedules, and fine-tune your talent to the emotional demands of the public.

You have to be your own production manager, public relations and sales manager. Project the right image. Know how to sell your work and what sells a painting. Who your audience is, what their needs are. What are the present trends? What marketing platforms there are and how to get your work accepted. What to avoid and reject.

Personality & lifestyle of artists:

To the general public artists are weird! Why do artist seem so eccentric?    It’s because artists think, act and breathe art all the time. To capture a beautiful vision of what to paint, artists need to be sensitive to their surroundings and be observant to the emotional impact in mundane situations. Therefore it’s a spiritual and emotional experience and existence, an endless passion for colour and form in their lives.

Art and fame: Free expression

Winter stream

Art and fame is a way of life:

Once famous, people expect more and more of you. You have to live up to their expectations of you and your style of art. You have to produce more and more works of art. Want to know how to handle fame? Start by reading the ” Fame and Fortune” category. The first blog been “Want to become a famous artist?”

Free Art Books

Free art books: downloads are 100% free

These free art books are used as practical textbook manuals, for beginners and interesting tips for those art teachers who are looking for lesson material.

If you’re seeking secrets and tips on how to paint watercolours, use the red download buttons provided with each free art book:

  1. Introduction to Atmospheric Watercolours
  2. Watercolour Doodles
  3. Watercolour Washes

Click on one of the eBooks above and it will take you direct to that book.

Free expression

First free art book

First free art book: “Introduction to Atmospheric Watercolours” 

– Book Review:

  • What the book is about: This book is for aspiring artists who want to produce professional watercolours.
  • Why an introduction to watercolours? Because most art books I have come across for beginners, generally have immature illustrations. With examples like that, no wonder budding artists don’t use undercoats and turn out fragmented stiff amateurish work.
  • Why this book is different: The first steps approach is different and the it illustrates how to create atmospheric dimension and energy within your paintings, which is important if you want to create mood and stir peoples’ emotions. Why, because people buy according to their senses.
  • Learning the basics: Artists who take time out to explore the constitution of watercolour pigments are pleasantly surprised by how the experience improves the quality of their work.
  • Competency: The step-by-step demo illustrations in this book are uncomplicated and easy to do for beginners. But in spite of that there are additional watercolour illustrations to inspire the more enthusiastic experienced artists.
  • All illustrations are in colour, except line drawn diagrams.
  • Size: 97 pages, 3.454MB.

If you want this free art book: Download Free eBook 1,6433.4 MB

To see some of the illustrations in the book, just click left or right < >

Second free art book: “Watercolour Doodles” by Ada Fagan. It can be used as an exercise follow-up on the above free eBook, “Introduction to Atmospheric Watercolours:

CoverBook review:

  • What the book is about: This book provides lots of easy uncomplicated progressive watercolour exercises, to develop techniques and promote aesthetic dexterity.
  • Why produce a book like this: Artists need to practice often and art teachers are always looking for new exercises they can give their students.
  • Why should professional artists need this book? Doodling loosens up your brushstrokes and activates your creative powers, especially after inactivity or before an important commission, so that your strokes are more malleable and `one stroke says it all’. When we set our hands in motion, our minds naturally follows.
  • Skills and technique: Each of the skills in this book relate to techniques required to build more complex watercolour paintings. Techniques that help us handle difficult situations when they arise.
  • Size: 97 pages, 4.27MB

If you want this free art book: Download Free eBook 1,6434.2 MB

To see some of the illustrations in the book, just click left or right < >

Third free art book: ” Watercolour Washes” by Ada Fagan. This book can be used as a follow up on the first two watercolour books.

Book coverThe book review:

  • What the book is about: Different types of watercolour washes, each having a different application and purpose.
  • Why should people get this book? In order to accomplish professional watercolours one has to have a freedom of expression. This book provides the necessary skills to achieve those fluid aesthetic washes and techniques.
  • What initiated this book? While teaching art I noticed novices were inclined to use small thin brushes, and only one type of brush and method of application, throughout their paintings and then they wondered why their paint didn’t spread properly and accomplish the desired effect.
  • While compiling this book: I also noticed most art books presented obscure stratus clouds, but very few illustrated how to actually paint cumulus clouds with grey underbellies. Or how to paint clouds with silver-linings, or rain actually falling from clouds.
  • What is so different about this book? It presents different variations on the usual washes. Techniques used to put more mood and excitement into your paintings.
  • Size: 87 pages, 3.53MB

If you want this free art book: Download Free eBook 1,6433.4 MB

To see some of the illustrations in the book, just click left or right < >

There are more free books:

Since the category listing has been getting so long, we decided to collect and turn them into eBooks, so those who haven’t seen them, will have the chance to see them in eBook form (by Beacon).

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