Location Paintings


Location, location!

Location paintings are taken from photos, of exciting places Ada has been to.

While doing the “Photo Demos” people were sending me photos of where they had spent a few days at a resort, etc, in South Africa, telling me how much they had enjoyed their stay there.So I thought why not include theirs too. So if you have any photos of the places you have been to, feel free to send them to me at: info@adafagan.co.za and I will select from them to present on this website.

Location request

A5 Watercolour: Cape Town. Table Mountain with beach in the foreground.


What to expect:

  • Even though “Photos Demos” category included photos, I won’t necessary include the photos in this “Location Paintings” category. My aim will rather be to give folks an artist’s impression of the scenes painted.
  • Of cause blogs aren’t interesting without people’s comments. So it’s important I get comments about the places, trips and outings that were enjoyed. Because other people want to know what the places are like, what fun they could possibly expect there too, etc.
  • Besides that I would require the URL address of the resort’s websites. So others can check where it is, what the accommodation costs are, etc. And oh yes, when they get there, they check up on the scenes I’ve painted and see what it is really like for themselves.
  • Where possible I’ll include a Google map where to find the place. And what else is in the surrounding locality, such as game and nature reserves, etc.

 Never forgetting this is an art website:

The other reason for creating this blog category, is that artists everywhere will receive inspiration of landscapes and seascapes to paint, no matter where they live personally.

  • So I’ll add my own artistic perception of the scenes. That is, simplifying the composition, giving it an emotional appeal and more dynamic impact.
  • Perhaps stating what pigments were used, what steps or stages of the process, and whatever else that inspired me, depending and according of cause to each assignment’s circumstances.

The first blog in the “Location Adventures” category series will be called:

`THE PLACE’ to be in the Karoo’.

Follow the link and see for yourself how beautiful the Karoo is.