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Because our category listing has been getting so long, it has been decided that we collect the ‘lost’ category blogs and turn them into free eBooks. So the selected blogs can be easily found, downloaded and read in book form. There are presently three free eBooks:


Click one one of above and it will take you direct to that free eBook.

Free eBooks. Blurring of negative space.

A5 Watercolour: Flood of light through the mist. One of the paintings in the eBook “Watercolour Secrets”

The reason to do this, was due to the fact that so many of the other free art books were download. Signaling the fact that Ada’s art books have been popular, and the need to give the public more of what they want.

This one came under the category: WATERCOLOUR SECRETS:

If you want this free art book you can Download it now for free, or read or share it below for free too:

Here is another eBook from the category: PHOTO DEMOS:

It’s a collection of blogs on how to paint from Photos.

If you want to it, it’s also free to Download

And other collection of blogs from the category: FAME AND FORTUNE:

Free Download:

Fame and Fortune

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