Art: Talent & Style

ADA FAGAN’S talent is extensive and inspiring.

Art has always been in her blood. She thinks, lives and breathes art.

Ada enjoys art so much, she takes time out and goes out into the countryside capturing scenes with her camera. Then getting back home and she paints selectively from those scenes.

The family has a joke about Ada and her camera,, “So long as she has a camera in her hands, or hanging around her neck, she can do anything!”.

She gets so excited about getting good scenes, she willingly tramp through bush, wade through rivers, even climb cliffs and balance huge rocks, etc to get the right composition angles!

Watercolour landscape.

Ada’s artistic style differs according to commissions and the mood of the subject and the demands of any given commission, whether they are abstract, impressionistic or misty atmospheric impressions.

Ada’s art:

Ada doesn’t like painting tight little posies of flowers. She likes to paint flowers in their rural natural settings, out in the fields, waving in the breeze.

She says the sounds of Nature has a profound effect on the way you wield your brush while painting out on location.

Seeing the wind blow over the grasslands and through the trees, birds chirping and bees buzzing in and out the flowers, puts life and energy in your paintings.

  • She is fascinated by atmospheric conditions. The filtering of light and the glow of auras and rim-lights caused by back lighting.
  • There’s an emotional contrast and interplay of warm and cool colours, that makes her paintings so spectacular.
  • Many people have said her water scenes are her best forte, whether they are oil paintings, watercolours or pastels.

You will see: Everyone of her pages and  blogs has at least one of her paintings..

One of her commissions was the portrait of Archbishop Desmond Tutu that was commissioned by the Anglican Church, and now hangs in Bishops Court, Cape Town.

Ada is willing to share her talent and her knowledge:

Ada Fagan has written many art books over the years, covering every artistic topic you can think of.

The topic and theme of the books, maybe controversial in some cases, but the aim has been to give additional info, generally over looked in other art books.

Some of the books she has written cover such subjects as:

Teaching professional art, atmospheric watercolours, colour scheme dynamics, composition design, power of imagination, psyche of the artist, dexterity styles, freedom of expression, emotional impact and location fieldwork, study of light, sales & fame.

Ada is now using some of the info from these books in her blog posts, so you can benefit too from her knowledge too.

Click her Free Art eBooks page: for free watercolour art book downloads.

Her blogs contain many artists secrets and tips.

They cover how to sell your art effectively, and also techniques and new theories Ada has discovered in her intensive research over the years.

She happily shares her experiences with others. So take a trip through her website, you’ll find her blogs motivating and very informative.

If you are interested, Ada also runs a Steemit site: @artguru  And writes about other things too. Her travel blogs also include some of her paintings.

PS: Art galleries, framers & art suppliers are invited to advertise on this website too, but permission must be first granted by contacting Ada Fagan. This includes nature reserves and country lodges where location fieldwork is promoted.

Artistic Expertise

Artistic expertise of the artist ADA FAGAN

  • Ada produces fine visual art. Generally oils and watercolours. Sometimes pastels.
  • She paints mostly landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. But her cosmos flowers and river scenes are very popular too.
  • Not only she is one of the best artists today in her field of art, but she also gives good advice and tips on art. You’ll find all you need to know on this website on how to paint the most exciting dynamic paintings!
Artistic expertise

Watercolour done by Ada Fagan.

Ada’s artistic expertise is an inspiration to many artists.

If you have already read the full story “About the Artist“, you would have discovered how she overcame the chauvinistic attitude of her high school vice-principal. To him, in those days, woman didn’t have a chance to have artistic careers.  It was expected that women did only office routine jobs until they married. And thereafter just housewives; standing behind the sink and looking after their families!!

Ada was the last of four children. Her parents were pensioners by the time she was in high school. So they couldn’t afford to put her through art college. So she realized it was up to her to make it on her own.

Having started out with this disadvantage didn’t stop her from doing her own research and experimenting with what she learnt.  Even though she has had five children she continued to make inroads into the art world.

Her artistic expertise was gained by persistent effort. Once credited as an artist, she took on commissions, did demos at galleries and taught art on request.

Having kept notes and learnt from her ,many experiences, she discovered new theories and compiled them into art books, covering every art topic you can imagine.

Its her opinion, if she could overcome the opposition she has experienced, so can other artists. “One must never give up on one’s dream and talent. Talent is something YOU achieve through hard persistent work, forever re-assessing your skills and finding new ways to improve your skills.”

Also check the page on Ada’s “Talent & Style” .

Ada’s aim is to help other artists:

Ada gives out many secrets and tips.

  • There is always a tip or two you can gleam from the demos she does. How she did things while out painting. How she painted from photos she had taken of places she has traveled to, or photos others have given her to paint. See page and categories “Photo Demos” and “Location Paintings”.
  • Her blogs are very informative with illustrations.
  • Ada describes and puts things differently with each blog, because people’s personalities and skills differ. How we absorb facts and observe things are so different too.
  • As to her art books, Ada approaches theories and techniques from different perspectives, so all can understand and achieve those skills too.
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Art: Talent & Style

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Free Art Books

Free art books: downloads are 100% free

These free art books are used as practical textbook manuals, for beginners and interesting tips for those art teachers who are looking for lesson material.

If you’re seeking secrets and tips on how to paint watercolours, use the red download buttons provided with each free art book:

  1. Introduction to Atmospheric Watercolours
  2. Watercolour Doodles
  3. Watercolour Washes

Click on one of the eBooks above and it will take you direct to that book.

Free expression

First free art book

First free art book: “Introduction to Atmospheric Watercolours” 

– Book Review:

  • What the book is about: This book is for aspiring artists who want to produce professional watercolours.
  • Why an introduction to watercolours? Because most art books I have come across for beginners, generally have immature illustrations. With examples like that, no wonder budding artists don’t use undercoats and turn out fragmented stiff amateurish work.
  • Why this book is different: The first steps approach is different and the it illustrates how to create atmospheric dimension and energy within your paintings, which is important if you want to create mood and stir peoples’ emotions. Why, because people buy according to their senses.
  • Learning the basics: Artists who take time out to explore the constitution of watercolour pigments are pleasantly surprised by how the experience improves the quality of their work.
  • Competency: The step-by-step demo illustrations in this book are uncomplicated and easy to do for beginners. But in spite of that there are additional watercolour illustrations to inspire the more enthusiastic experienced artists.
  • All illustrations are in colour, except line drawn diagrams.
  • Size: 97 pages, 3.454MB.

If you want this free art book: Download Free eBook 1,6423.4 MB

To see some of the illustrations in the book, just click left or right < >

Second free art book: “Watercolour Doodles” by Ada Fagan. It can be used as an exercise follow-up on the above free eBook, “Introduction to Atmospheric Watercolours:

CoverBook review:

  • What the book is about: This book provides lots of easy uncomplicated progressive watercolour exercises, to develop techniques and promote aesthetic dexterity.
  • Why produce a book like this: Artists need to practice often and art teachers are always looking for new exercises they can give their students.
  • Why should professional artists need this book? Doodling loosens up your brushstrokes and activates your creative powers, especially after inactivity or before an important commission, so that your strokes are more malleable and `one stroke says it all’. When we set our hands in motion, our minds naturally follows.
  • Skills and technique: Each of the skills in this book relate to techniques required to build more complex watercolour paintings. Techniques that help us handle difficult situations when they arise.
  • Size: 97 pages, 4.27MB

If you want this free art book: Download Free eBook 1,6424.2 MB

To see some of the illustrations in the book, just click left or right < >

Third free art book: ” Watercolour Washes” by Ada Fagan. This book can be used as a follow up on the first two watercolour books.

Book coverThe book review:

  • What the book is about: Different types of watercolour washes, each having a different application and purpose.
  • Why should people get this book? In order to accomplish professional watercolours one has to have a freedom of expression. This book provides the necessary skills to achieve those fluid aesthetic washes and techniques.
  • What initiated this book? While teaching art I noticed novices were inclined to use small thin brushes, and only one type of brush and method of application, throughout their paintings and then they wondered why their paint didn’t spread properly and accomplish the desired effect.
  • While compiling this book: I also noticed most art books presented obscure stratus clouds, but very few illustrated how to actually paint cumulus clouds with grey underbellies. Or how to paint clouds with silver-linings, or rain actually falling from clouds.
  • What is so different about this book? It presents different variations on the usual washes. Techniques used to put more mood and excitement into your paintings.
  • Size: 87 pages, 3.53MB

If you want this free art book: Download Free eBook 1,6423.4 MB

To see some of the illustrations in the book, just click left or right < >

There are more free books:

Since the category listing has been getting so long, we decided to collect and turn them into eBooks, so those who haven’t seen them, will have the chance to see them in eBook form (by Beacon).

Check out the page: Category Free eBooks

Comments are always welcome:

  • Let me know if you enjoyed these free art books on watercolour.