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This page covers:

  • Commissions & Portraits done by the artist
  • The medium Ada works in
  • Her basic style
  • Paintings of actual places

Commissions & Portraits:

One of Ada Fagan’s commissions was an oil portrait of Desmond Tutu, commissioned by the Anglican Church and now hangs in Bishop’s Court, in Cape Town, with the rest of the archbishops.

Art: Ada and Tutu

Ada with Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s commissioned portrait.

Ada used to do demos and take in all sorts of commissions from galleries. This enable her to handle any style and concept customers request.

Even though Ada is able to paint realistic authentic scenes, her real love is doing atmospheric conditions. And this atmospheric style also enables her to produce modern décor abstracts.

If you want to commission her:

There will be an order form page…

  • But at the moment we are refreshing this site. So we will provide a link to that order page later, when it has been created.
  • Here are four examples of decor abstract painting to consider.hat you could order:
Abstract art

Four decor abstract EXAMPLES.

Atmospheric Technic:

  • Atmospheric conditions involve blurring and gentle mingling of colours. Not only does it create misty areas and haloes, it also creates atmospheric dimension between objects and planes.
  • Finer selective details contrasted against the atmospheric blurred areas, not only does it bring things into focus, but furthermore as a subtle appeal to the heart.
  • And her interplay of warm and cool colours, also has an emotional impact on ones senses.

Paintings of actual places:

You can see some of her realistic authentic scenes on the Steemit platform. Where she does a series of blogs on travel:  See

  • The earlier travel blogs there was a trip she did to New Zealand.
  • And the latest travel series there is her trip through the Kruger National Park.

The reason why people like and buy her art:

  1. People often say, “Every day I see something new in it, I never saw before.” That makes their picture eternal for them.
  2. When the light changes early in the morning, during the day and into the night, the atmospheric effects Ada creates, allows people’s imagination to run wild, under those different light conditions.
  3. The blurred technic creates mystery, which makes it possible for people to endlessly interrupt their picture, and attach a new story concept to it whenever they please.
  4. The soft blurred coloured areas have a soothing effect on the soul. And the dramatic contrast of colour and tones also has dynamic inspirational impact on the mind.

A5:  Watercolour moonlight seascape

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